Mr. Adel K. Dandas

Executive Director, Sierra Leone


FHTH is a non-profit humanitarian organization serving diligently the needy, governed and managed with vision and leadership. The specific purpose of FHTH is to provide humanitarian assistance to the poor and needy people irrespective of their race, sex or religion at all levels from Local to International. 

Our mission is to see how we can resolve and strengthening the ability of the needy, to define, address, particularly those problems relating to education, agriculture and health in areas that we serve.

We believe that education is a universal human right therefore we will build an international movement with a long-term commitment to promote and monitor the fulfillment of the right to basic education; particularly for children, women and all disadvantaged deprived sections of society.

We are of the view that we can create wealth through Agriculture. We will provide support and also sensitize communities on the concept of food security, engaging particularly youths and women-groups in agriculture and its related activities in an effort to strengthen the campaign for sustainable food security.

Education is the key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development therefore we shall empower youths by engaging them in opportunities to cultivate their talents and skills, educating them to become productive and economically self-sufficient, and motivating them to dream beyond their circumstances.

To our partners around the Globe and more especially Mr. Abraham H Nyei, founder/ President and CEO, Dr Andrew S – national Vice President, Rev Dr. Sheldon R Shipman – Senior Adviser, I know that you guys are deeply rooted in the belief that saving lives should be a priority of all mankind. Your support will make us achieve the reason why FHTH was founded 

With the Permission and Blessings of our creator we are officially launching FHTH organization Sierra Leone chapter therefore for the purposes deemed wise and good, hereinafter set forth, this organization is hereby established today 2nd July 2020 submitting itself to be by, and dedicating itself to uphold its aims and objectives.  May God/ Allah help us in our resolve.

To my directors, Ansumana Keita – Director of Education, Director of Agriculture – Kadiatu Barrie, Director of Youths – Paul J Koroma, Director of Health – Usman Fambuleh, Director of homelessness – Fatmata Turay. You guys are responsible for the administration and day to day affairs and you may exercise all such other powers and all such other acts and things as the Organization is empowered to do pursuant to the terms of FHTH constitution and bye laws.

Let’s continue to be God-conscious and far-sighted. The audacity to learn and to save lives is the challenge we are faced with and we must rise to it. We should be the rock that creates the influential waves, rippling and spreading positive change throughout in hopes that others will become rocks.

God Bless us all



An International Relief Organization

We are dedicated to providing educational and humanitarian services in nations that have been decimated by natural disaster, civil wars, and political instability. 


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