Mr. Mohammed D. Fahnbulleh
Executive Director, Liberia

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FHTH has achieved clear success by meeting  objectives and the challenges that go along with them.  Our literacy programs are popular and in demand. In Liberia, the majority of youths disarmed and demobilized after the conflict are rural based, unskilled, have little education (below elementary level), and unemployed.  Lack of employment opportunities for youths increases the possibility social problems in their communities, strife, and are disposed to alternative and subversive ideologies.   FHTH community outreach program provides clear evidence that educating the women and the youths is crucial to rural areas recovery and sustaining economic growth.


Program Duration

In Liberia, the Adult Literacy and Vocational Training Programs were developed based on a two school calendar year. The adults in these programs are taught to read and basic math skills. Those completing the literacy program with a level of proficiency, seek higher education. But, FHTH focuses on the basics, reading and math. The vocational training program teaches practical skills to help the people make a living to sustain themselves.


Liberia has confirmed COVID-19 within its borders. On April 8, 2020, the President of Liberia announced a State of Emergency to include travel restrictions to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

As we celebrate the eighteen-year anniversary of From Hunger To Harvest, Inc. (FHTH), I wish to seize the moment to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our FHTH’S Volunteers, for your continuing moral and financial support to FHTH mission around the world, particularly, in Africa.


As Liberia and other African Countries face the devastating effects of COVID-19 we ask for your continued support even more so now. Please make a donation of  any amount  to help our COVID-19 course in Africa.



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We are dedicated to providing educational and humanitarian services in nations that have been decimated by natural disaster, civil wars, and political instability. 


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